GraphQL — Learn
The official GraphQL tutorial (~3 hours to read). Has simple example-based approach to queries, responses, schemas, and mutations. I recommend reading in that order.


Apollo Odyssey
Learn GraphQL with Apollo in practical, hands-on trainings.

How To GraphQL — The full stack tutorial
Overview and hands-on exercises using GraphQL.

Wes Bos — Advanced React
$139 for 68 videos (16 hours). Learn to build a full-stack React application using GraphQL.

Nik Graf — GraphQL data in React with Apollo Client
Free for 7 videos (23 minutes). Add the Apollo client to a React project. Use the Query and Mutation components to fetch and manipulate data using a GraphQL API.


Apollo — GraphQL explained
How GraphQl turns one query with two resolvers (that reference each other) into one response. Hint: responses are always tree-shaped (never circular).

PayPal Engineering — GraphQL resolvers best practices

  • Resolver arguments in detail: root, args, context, info.
  • Fetching data in resolvers.
  • Passing data between resolvers.
  • Passing data from parent to child resolvers.
  • Fetching data at the field-level (duplication is ok if you dedupe requests).
  • Use libraries like Apollo for deduping and overfetching.

GraphQL Mutation Design — Batch updates
Strategies for batching operations (ex: update two entity rows at once).


Gravity Department — GraphQL Demo
A demo for GraphQL beginners (who already read the docs) to practice concepts. It uses Graphpack to create a GraphQL server and setup the GraphQL Playground browser tool to interact with some data about Keanu Reeves movies.


Principled GraphQL
Architecture goals and best practices for creating, maintaining, and operating a data graph.