Valet is a Laravel development environment for macOS minimalists.


Follow the install docs.


Managing Valet

valet start Start the Valet daemon.
valet restart Restart the Valet daemon.
valet stop Stop the Valet daemon.
valet uninstall Uninstall the Valet daemon entirely.

Run valet stop before enabling other environments which use the same ports (MAMP/Docker/etc).

Managing sites

The park command

  1. Navigate to folder: cd ~/path/to/sites
  2. Run valet park
  3. Each sub-folder will be available as: http://foldername.test
valet park Link all sub-folders as: http://foldername.test
valet paths View all of your “parked” paths.
valet forget Run this command from a “parked” directory to remove it from the parked directory list.

The link command

  1. Navigate to folder: cd ~/path/to/site/root
  2. Run valet link {linkName}
  3. The site will be available as: http://{linkName}.test
valet link {linkName} Add a linked directory.
valet links View all of your linked paths.
valet unlink {linkName} Remove a linked directory.

Managing databases

Download DBngn for simple database management on macOS.

  • Username: root
  • Password: “

Securing sites

Command Outcome
valet secure hobbiton https://hobbiton.test
valet unsecure hobbiton http://hobbiton.test

Sharing sites

  1. Navigate to the site’s path in terminal.
  2. Run valet share.
  3. Copy the site URL.
  4. Type Control + C to stop sharing.

Switch PHP version

valet use php@7.4 or valet use php@8.1

You might need to run valet restart afterwards.