The “Files” section aggregates everything uploaded to Basecamp. All files should enter Basecamp attached to Discussions.

I rarely use this section directly because it lacks tools to easily filter/find specific files.

File names

Naming files consistently avoids confusion later. Follow these guidelines:

  • Always prefix the filename with a YYYYMMDD datestamp. It’s instantly obvious how recent the revisions are, and alphabetic sorting is logically chronological.
  • Always assume another iteration is coming. Never write final- or new-.
  • Use dashes to separate words (no spaces or underscores).
  • Use lowercase letters and numbers only (no special characters).
  • Always describe the content as succinctly as possible (1-4 words is usually enough).
Bad:  final_Google_logo_source.psd
Good: 20130725-google-logo.psd

Bad:  John checkout revisions.jpg
Good: 20130614-checkout-billing-step.jpg

Good: 20130801-cart-items-table.jpg
Good: 20130805-header-nav-interaction.jpg
Good: 20130827-search-results-empty.jpg