Booking flights

Google Flights
Pros: visualize daily and monthly price differences easily
Cons: does not include all airlines

Pros: visualize price fluctuations when filtering by specific departure and arrival times

Security checkpoints

Before approaching the security checkpoint:

  1. Remove your coat.
  2. Remove your belt.
  3. Put your belt, wallet, keys, and phone in your coat pocket.
  4. Loosen your shoelaces.
  5. Half-unzip your laptop bag.

At the bins

  1. Grab two bins.
  2. Put your coat in the first bin.
  3. Put your laptop + shoes in the second bin.
  4. Guide the shoe bin through the X-ray machine first.
  5. Guide your luggage through the X-ray machine last.

At the X-rayer

  1. Strike a pose.
  2. Nod to the attendant.

At the bin claim

  1. Put your shoes on immediately.
  2. Put your laptop in its bag, and zip it.
  3. Hold your jacket.
  4. Take your luggage to the benches.
  5. Get situated.