Should you meet?

Read “Meetings are toxic” from Jason Friend and DHH in the book Getting Real. It’ll take 60 seconds.


  1. Invite as few people as possible. Postpone if the right people aren’t available.
  2. Pick the real duration. Don’t round a 45 minute meeting up to an hour.
  3. Always set the timezone. People are everywhere.
  4. Start on time. The stragglers will learn or not. You have stuff to do.
  5. End 5 minutes before the hour. Give people time to drink/piss before their next meeting.

Send useful invites

Don’t send the garbage-filled invite from your conferencing tool. Here’s the perfect invite:

Short agenda for the meeting.

- List of requirements.
- Bring bananas.

Use your email/calendar app to send the invite, so the recipients can accurately add to their calendar.

Save phone credentials as a contact

Smartphones will dial this automatically:

  • Use , to pause for 3-seconds.
  • Use ; to wait for tap to continue.
  • Add # to submit the code.


Cancel meetings with no agenda. It feels good.