Screen Sharing

GoToMeeting. WebEx. We hates them, precious.

  1. Be smart — On long projects, get a paid plan with fixed credentials to save everyone time.
  2. Be economical — When the project ends, switch to the free plan.


For recurring meetings

For sporadic meetings

  • Basic (free)
    Viewers only need a browser, but credentials are generated per meeting.

For frequent hop-ons

  • Skype (free)
    Pinging a username is fast.
  • Screenhero ($11/mo)
    Looks good for pair collab, but haven’t used.

Note: You’re gonna get some hop-ons.


Plenty of options, but nothing is perfect for all scenarios. These were my dealbreakers.

Free services

Tool Max People Price Dealbreaker
Google Hangouts 10 Free Strangers can join any meeting
GoToMeeting: Free 3 Free People limit Basic 10 Free No scheduled meetings
MeetingBurner: Free 10 Free Requires Java to share screen
Skype 10 Free Everyone needs Skype installed
UberConference: Free 10 Free
WebEx: Meetings 3 Free People limit
Zoom: Basic 25 Free 40 minutes per meeting

Paid services

Tool Max People Price Dealbreaker
GoToMeeting 25 $49/mo Overpriced Pro 10 $24/mo No email invoices
WebEx: Meetings Premium 8 $24/mo Historical prejudice
Zoom: Pro 25 $10/mo