System Preferences

Note: only modified settings are documented. Otherwise the default is used.

Row 1


Sidebar icon size Medium
Show scroll bars When scrolling
Click in the scroll bar to Jump to the spot that’s clicked

Desktop & screensaver

Desktop Some gray texture (neutral).
Try Interfacelift
Screensaver Don’t use one


Size About 70% of screen width (depends on app count)
Magnification Off
Position on screen Bottom
Minimize windows using Genie
Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize
Minimize windows into application icon
Animate opening applications
Automatically hide and show the Dock
Show indicator lights for open applications
Show recent applications in Dock

Mission Control

Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use
When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application
Group windows by application
Displays have separate Spaces
Dashboard Off
Hot Corners
Top Left Mission Control
Top Right Mission Control
Bottom Left Desktop
Bottom Right Desktop

Security & privacy

Enable FileVault for disk encryption.

Row 2


Tab: Keyboard

Key Repeat |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-X
Delay Until Repeat |-|-|-|-|-|-|-X-|

Tab: Shortcuts (Services)

Services appear in the right-click context menu. Greedy applications think they’re important and clutter the menu.

Uncheck the following:

Files and Folders
New iTerm 2 Tab Here
New iTerm 2 Window Here
Open in Ember
Add to Evernote
Show Info in Finder


Scroll direction natural
Tracking Speed |-|-|-|-X-|-|-|-|-|-|
Scrolling Speed |-|-|-|-|-|-|-X-|
Double-Click Speed |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-X-|-|


Point & Click
Tap to click
Secondary click
Look up
Three finger drag
Tracking speed |-|-|-|-X-|-|-|-|-|
Scroll & Zoom
Scroll direction: natural
Zoom in or out
Smart zoom
More Gestures
Swipe between pages
Swipe between full-screen apps
Notification Center
Mission Control
App Expose
Show Desktop


Sound Effects
Play feedback when volume is changed

Row 3


  1. Go to Advanced > DNS.
  2. Remove existing DNS entries.
  3. Add and servers.



Enabled for mouse.


Computer Name: Aragorn (always named from LOTR)

Disable all sharing.

Row 4

App Store

Automatically check for updates
Download newly available updates in the background
Install app updates
Install system data files and security updates
Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs

Time Machine

Exlude these items from backups:

~/VirtualBox VMs


Reduce transparency

Row 5

Logitech Options

See Workspace: Hardware: Mouse