The React website

ReactJS.org is the official React website.


Docs — Installation
Add React to a website or use create-react-app.

Learn React

⭐️ Docs — Main concepts
Learn React by reading (main concepts). Good flow and examples with explanations why. You’ll learn more than doing the tutorial.

Learn React by doing (building a game). Functional but too rushed. You’ll learn less than reading the main concepts.

Technical reference

Docs — Advanced guides
Handling specific concepts and concerns from a React perspective.

Docs — API reference
Technical docs for the React API.

Geting started

⭐️ Tania Rascia — Getting started with React
Well-written project-based intro to React. A few code snippets have issues you need to debug. New developers may have trouble, but otherwise the concepts are easy to follow.

Kent C. Dodds — The beginner’s guide to React
Free for 19 videos (77 minutes). Topic-based intro to React. Short lessons + fast talker, but good example construction.

Crash courses

Jens Neuhaus — Angular vs React vs Vue (2017)
Good intro to modern JavaScript frameworks and a comparison between them.

⭐️ Free Code Camp — React intro for people who know just enough jQuery to get by
Build the Tweet UI in jQuery and React simultaneously to learn why React is better. Easy to follow in code with good explanations of React concepts.

CSS Tricks — I learned how to be productive in React in a week and you can, too
Sarah Drasner wrote this after her first week learning React. Good depth for seasoned frontend developers new to React.

Free Code Camp — All the fundamental React concepts jammed into this single Medium article
Advanced article with no intro to React. It’s hard to learn from, but highlights specific React features and points that matter. Read this last.

React Handbook
Massive article covering major + minor React functionality topic-by-topic (not a running project perspective). Includes significant diversions into the React ecosystem (Babel, Webpack, React Router, Redux, Next.js, Gatsby).

You have to join a mailing list to download the full ePub or PDF. This is worth doing so the code formatting remains intact.
You can also read online at Free Code Camp but beware the ePub-to-HTML conversion broke many code blocks (harder to follow).

Full courses

React — Community Courses
The React team’s list of free and paid courses.

Wes Bos — ES6 for everyone
$139 for 77 videos (7 hours). Understanding ES6 features is a prerequisite to learning about React because they’re used heavily in most JS code today.

⭐️ Wes Bos — React for beginners
$139 for 29 videos (5 hours). Learn components, state, routing, and deploying by building a React application.

Wes Bos — Advanced React
$139 for 68 videos (16 hours). Learn to build a full-stack React application using GraphQL.

Tyler McGinnis — 5 day React bootcamp on YouTube

Tyler McGiniis — React Fundamentals
Subscription from $25/month for 48 videos (5 hours).


Brad Frost — Dumb React
A plain old web page using React. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a collection of dumb React components that are used to stitch together a single page.

Staying current

React Resources
Community site for everything related to React. Updated daily.