Sublime Text

Keyboard shortcuts

Line Manipulation
Delete line SHIFT + CONTROL + K
New line before + RETURN
New line after SHIFT + + RETURN
Move line up CTRL + +
Move line down CONTROL + +
Duplicate Line SHIFT + + D
View Columns
Single column OPTION + + 1
Two columns OPTION + + 2
Two rows SHIFT + OPTION + + 2

Search & replace

RegEx: find an HTML tag with any characters inside it:


RegEx: find an HTML tag but only select the characters inside it:


RegEx to find URLs ending in a trailing slash:


With a search string entered, hit OPT + ENTER to select all matching occurrences in the file.


Installed packages


Theme and syntax coloration

Language highlighters


  • Predawn Theme
  • Markdown-specific settings

My user settings

    "always_show_minimap_viewport": true,
    "auto_complete_commit_on_tab": true,
    "bold_folder_labels": true,
    "caret_extra_width": 1,
    "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Tomorrow Night/Tomorrow-Night.tmTheme",
    "create_window_at_startup": false,
    "draw_minimap_border": true,
    "enable_tab_scrolling": false,
    "ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save": true,
    "findreplace_small": true,
        "skin/frontend/rwd" // Exclude Magento's RWD theme for more accurate "find in project"
    "font_size": 14.0,
    "highlight_line": true,
    "highlight_modified_tabs": true,
    "line_padding_bottom": 1,
    "line_padding_top": 1,
    "scroll_past_end": true,
    "sidebar_xsmall": true,
    "tabs_small": true,
    "theme": "predawn-DEV.sublime-theme",
    "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
    "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true,
    "word_wrap": false